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Reporting Phish via a Web Interface!!

Members of the Cooper-Cain Group are active as Anti-Phishing Working Group ‘toolies’. We try to figure out ways to report suspected forged sites, et al, and how to mine that data. We built a simple wen interface so one can notify the APWG of forgery sites that does not use email, as some email systems BLOCK the forwarded phish. :( Check it out here.

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Pat talks at New England HTCIA meeting

Pat Cain, president of the Cooper-Cain Group, addressed the New England Chapter of the High Tech Criminals Investigators Association (HTCIA) meeting on July 16, 2009 . His talk, “an eCrime Update“. was based on work with the APWG and was well-received.

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Version 6 of the IODEF Phishing extensions is submitted

A new version of the RFC5070 compliant extensions has been submitted to the IETF. This version corrects errors and responds to comments made during the IESG review.
The document is here. The XML Schema is here.
These are an example boring report and a more robust one, pulled from the document appendix.

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draft-cain-postinch-phishingextns-05 is out.

A new version of the IETF IODEF phishing extensions has been submitted. This verion should go to the IESG for processing. The new version is here. The XML schema is here.

Major changes include streamlining the DCSiteData element and adding an element to include info about the Domain(s) used in the event.

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